JuniorReviews exists to support medical education and training; improve morale; and help to build and strengthen relationships between trainees and our wider NHS. We will achieve this by revolutionising how we collect and use trainee feedback:

Feedback should be transparent. Existing feedback systems are opaque; and many feel their views go unheard. We believe this is fundamentally harming relationships between junior doctors and our wider NHS.

JuniorReviews is totally transparent: anyone can rate or review their training, and Trusts or LETBs can publicly respond – helping to build better relationships between trainees, educators, managers, and system leaders.

Feedback should be responsive. Existing feedback systems are poorly responsive, often seeking feedback only annually. Issues raised may appear unresolved, as trainees change jobs before seeing real improvements. We believe this is driving disillusionment, and damaging morale.

JuniorReviews facilitates real-time trainee feedback, and encourages individual, tailored, responses – making it clear that trainee ideas, concerns, and expectations matter.

Feedback should be useful. Existing feedback systems are hard to navigate, and often unhelpful for trainees. We believe this is fundamentally disempowering for a generation of doctors required to apply for posts nationally – often with little meaningful information to guide them.

JuniorReviews provides comprehensive, easy-to-navigate, feedback and data. It integrates peer-feedback, and key educational data, to provide a holistic view of training quality and experience.

Feedback should be honest. We know that many junior doctors are afraid of speaking out openly and honestly. We believe that this culture of fear is pervasive, damaging, and ultimately poses a real risk to patient care.

JuniorReviews allows trainees to provide moderated feedback anonymously, pseudonymously, or under their own names – providing a safe platform for open discussion.

Feedback should be trainee-centred. Existing feedback systems seek feedback infrequently; over a narrow range of dates or training posts; and often only in relation to those topics or issues which matter to Trusts, LETBs, or regulators.

JuniorReviews is trainee-designed, trainee-developed, and trainee-run. We will work with any trainees, individually or collectively, to help improve it further. We believe better feedback will lead to better training – so please join us!

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