This month, thousands of junior doctors, across the UK, will apply for core and specialty training programmes.

For many of us, this may take us a step closer to realising a dream which carried us through medical school, and beyond – to finally start training as a surgeon, or a physician, or a paediatrician…

For others, this commitment to train in a region, for nearly a decade, can come to mean even more: this is where we may ultimately build our adult lives; buy homes; meet partners; and perhaps even start families of our own.

Where we train next, and what we do there, is the biggest decision many of us will face since we chose to apply to medical school at all.

Some will play it safe; some will make bold moves – all of us must make truly informed decisions. And these decisions are being made now – over the coming days and weeks.

Given the stakes, we want to help – but we need you to help too!

Irrespective of your grade, or speciality, or career path to-date – please take a moment, reflect, and rate & review your training experiences here. Help a junior doctor with a big decision






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