JuniorReviews lets you rate, review, and compare, medical training in the UK – helping you find the very best places to train.

It’s feedback that counts – by junior doctors, for junior doctors.

You can browse training programmes by Trust, Local Education & Training Board (LETB), by specialty and subspecialty, and read ratings and reviews written by other junior doctors.

You can browse and filter results by aggregated GMC National Training Survey data, College examination pass rates, or CQC inspection results. You can also search by keywords – like ‘supervision’, ‘simulation’, or ‘core surgical training’.

Finally, you can leave your own ratings and reviews today – entirely anonymously, if you wish – and help other junior doctors, as they decide where to work and train tomorrow.

We believe passionately that better feedback will lead to better training, and a better NHS for all of us – find out more about our vision here.

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