Everyone needs a buddy!
Every year, junior doctors across the UK are asked to rank hundreds of foundation, core, and specialty training posts, with little meaningful information to guide them. And International Medical Graduates from across the world apply for their first NHS jobs.

And every year, on wards, in theatres, and across the internet, thousands of doctors ask exactly the same question: ‘does anyone know anyone who’s worked in this department; or in this hospital; or in this Deanery?’.

This year – as thousands of us prepare to apply for core and specialty training programmes – we can change all of that.

We are really excited, and very proud, to bring you the JuniorReviews e-buddy scheme.

Our pilot scheme will let you:

  • Find junior doctors’ who’ve worked in a particular area, at a particular grade, in a particular specialty
  • Sign up to get help (or volunteer to help others!) in a couple of clicks, using your Facebook or Twitter accounts
  • Communicate confidentially, via private message, to get inside information on the realities of working in particular NHS jobs
  • NEW! It will also match International Medical Graduates practicing in the UK, to help our valued (and much appreciated!) overseas colleagues adapt to working in the NHS.

Our aim is simple: never again will junior doctors have to make such big decisions, with so little to guide them.

You can register for the scheme here. Once you’ve signed up, you can find a buddy – or start helping others, who really need your advice and experience 🙂

Please help us make this a reality – for it to work, we need buddy’s from every grade, specialty, and Deanery in the UK! – and let’s continue to make medical education and training better for all of us.


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